About our team

The purpose of building this blog was originally to create a repository of tutorials toward different topics in the digital world. We are a small but growing team of computer enthusiasts wishing to deliver valuable content to other people who are interested to expand their knowledge.

Our tutorials are going to be Free Forever!

The main encouragement that set our goal was to provide a place which can act as a reference for those who are looking for practical instructions. We’re sure that we can satisfy our readers and we will put more educational articles in our blog.

People crave for valuable information. From novices to experts, they want massive improvement in their field. Tutorzine.com is going to be an invaluable place to offer step-by-step instructions.

Founder & lead network engineer


What do we teach?

We understand that there’s an ever-growing need for practical instructions about different areas. Our team’s focus will be on providing materials for the following topics:

Graphic Design

We’re going to create comprehensive instructions on how to start working with industry standard software such as Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator.

We understand that each of these programs plays important roles in creating digital products in the world today. So our graphics team is dedicated to creating a vast number of articles on these topics.


This will include a vast number of tutorials about Cisco devices, showing how to configure a real network properly. We will cover topics like different topologies, hardware configurations, media, and design.

Our readers also will learn how to secure a network and how to maintain it at an optimal level. Later on, we will start our Wireless Networking courses. Mobile phones and wireless networks are used nowadays everywhere and even elderly people who stay at home, sometimes need to have basic knowledge about it.

The urgency of conveying educational information to the right people is the main goal of our team.

Founder and lead programmer


3D modeling

Creating three-dimensional objects is a hot topic these days and many young and even adults are looking to learn about programs that are famous in this field. 3D Studio Max, Blender and Sketchup are among those.

Our Graphic team is dedicated to starting off with teaching Sketchup because it’s an excellent software to create structures with a very short learning curve.

Our tutorials will not be limited to those areas mentioned above. Our long-term goal is to gradually invite more experts in different field of computer science to join our team. Thus, we’ll be creating even more educational stuff on other topics like Audio & Video editing, desktop and mobile programming.

Our hardware team will also be working on creating tutorials on how to choose, install and configure different parts of a personal computer for those who want to assemble their own rig at home. These tutorial series will go into the technical stuff deep enough so that our readers gain adequate knowledge about what is going on inside their computer case.

We are also talking with a separate team of gaming enthusiasts to start completely independent educational department for gaming.